Recent Aquatic Publications

Over the past years, I've written or co-authored a number of articles which you may download from this site as PDF files.

Lay Press Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications

Miscellaneous Publications

Healing Waters.pdf

Say Ahhhh. InHealth NW, March-April 2008

Increasing Access to Aquatics-Water Shapes July 2008

H2Ohhhh, Ladies Home Journal, Aug 2008

Rx for Aquatic Health, Aquatics Int'l. 2011

Faster Healing After Knee and Hip Replacement: Bottom Line Publications March 2012

The Science Behind the Soak: Pool & Spa Marketing, June 2012

The Science Behind Aquatic Immersion: Pool & Spa Marketing, June 2013

The Water Remedy for Pain: Why water-based exercise rules for people with chronic pain: US News & World Report, Aug 2016

Aquatic Therapy-Scientific Foundations and Clinical Rehabilitation Applications, PM&R, 2009

Aquatic Cross-Training for Athletes, Part 1, Strength & Conditioning Jl, 2008

Aquatic Cross-Training for Athletes, Part 2, Strength & Conditioning Jl, 2008

Biophysiologic Effects of Warm Water Immersion, Int'l Jl of Aquatic Research & Education, 2009

Age-Dependent Autonomic Changes Following Immersion in Cool, Neutral and Warm Water Temperatures, IJARE 2010

Development of an Aquatic Exercise Training Protocol for the Asthmatic Population, IJARE 2010

The Impact of an Aquatic Exercise Ptrotocol on Physiologic Measures within An Asthmatic Population, IJARE 2011

Research Needs in Aquatics, IJARE 2009

Exercise IS Rehabilitation Medicine: Our History & Future, PM&R 2015

Franklin Delano Roosevelt-The Diagnosis of Poliomyelitis Revisted, PM&R, 2016

Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, 3rd Ed.

Aquatic Therapy: Current Status in the USA and Europe, Int'l. Jl. of Rehabilitation Engineering and Devices (IRED) 2014

46th Walter J. Zeiter Honorary Lecture: Exercise IS Rehabilitation Medicine, PM & R, the Journal of Function and Recovery, 2015

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Diagnosis of Poliomyelitis Revisited, PM & R, the Journal of Function and Recovery, 2016

“Case Report: Aquatic Therapy and End-Stage Dementia,” PM & R, the Journal of Function and Recovery, epub on-line Sept. 14, 2017,

Sister Elizabeth Kenny and Polio in America: Doyenne or Demagogue in Her Role in Rehabilitation Medicine? PM & R, the Journal of Function and Recovery, 10(2), 2018, p. 208-217.Sister Kenny and Her Role in Polio in America, 2018.pdf

"Aquatic Therapy in Contemporary Neurorehabilitation: An Update,"  PM & R, the Journal of Function and Recovery, epub on-line Aug. 2020

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